Problem: builder applied acrylic paint is unable to cover cracks in concrete slab

The concrete slab in this particular garage was showing long cracks in several spots. The builder came out a few times to repaint those area but the cracks kept re-appearing. We were brought in to rectify the issue by installing an epoxy floor.

First step was a 100% diamond grind, before installaing the 100% solid epoxy base coat.

Garage floore before epoxy flake installation.
Before Installation

After a full spread of flakes was cast and the base coat dried, the top coat was installed.

Full flake epoxy garage floor installation in Westlak, Palm Beach County Florida.
After Epoxy Installation and Clean-Up

After installation the homeowner was delighted with her new full flake epoxy garage floor, which will last her as long as she will own the home. The homeowner was very pleased with the work, in particular with the attention to detail as depicted in the image below.

Epoxy garage floor edge, Westlake Florida.