Treads Featuring Superior Traction, Safety, Longevity and Visibility.

Form-A-Tread® is one of our exceptional products to solve slipping and tripping problems-and keep them solved!

Form-A-Tread lasts 10X longer compared to traction tape, paint, and solvent-based coatings, proven through numerous field applications. Especially suited for upgrading safety, visibility, and traction on existing staircases, Form-A-Tread is a more economical option compared to installation of aluminum non-skid nosing or new construction. Form-A-Tread products require minimal upkeep, even under heavy traffic.
The manufacturer Form-A-Tread Company, is certified by the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). The addition of the Form-A-Tread line of products combines our commitment to reducing injuries due to slips, trips and falls with their added expertise in adhesives, coatings, and their subsequent applications. As distributor and certified installer for the Form-A-Tread Company, we are equally committed to providing quality products for lasting solutions to reduce the risks from slipping and tripping hazards. These products were expressly created to eliminate the failure and cost issues associated with other applications such as paints, tapes, coatings, mechanically fastened pre-formed treads. Form-A-Tread products are extremely durable and adhere to any common building surface. In addition, they are incredibly chemical resistant and can withstand harsh weather, heavy traffic, moisture, and UV exposure. Through innovative formulations, the engineers at Form-A-Tread have been able to eclipse the life expectancy of other retrofit solutions by years, eliminating the need for constant, costly upkeep—or even replacement. Rare if not impossible to find; Form-A-Tread provides a long-term solution.

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