What is a Tribometer?

A Tribometer is a device used to measure Coefficient of Friction (COF) on almost any surface. The TracScan is portable, digital, and provides immediate feedback with on-the-job printouts. The device is often used in litigation by expert witnesses in slip and fall injury suits. Below the image is what the manufacturer writes about the TracScan:

The TracScan Tribometer.

The TRACSCAN tribometer is the ultimate tool for Safety and Facility Management professionals to monitor the traction levels of their walkways. Keeping an accurate record of your walkway traction demonstrates compliance with the nationally recognized walkway safety standards and commitment to comply with best practices laid out by ANSI Standards.

Protect your business from unnecessary lawsuits and insurance claims by having the data to back up your safety record.

Increase the effectiveness of your Risk Management plan by implementing the TRACSCAN into your regular walkway inspection procedure. After completing your routinely scheduled cleaning, simply scan the floor to get a baseline reading of your floor’s traction level on a regular basis.

Only one of two Tribometers approved by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Florida Non-Slip Services technicians are trained and certified in the use of the TracScan Tribometer, in addition to other devices used to measure Dynamic as well as Static Coefficient of Friction. We use the TracScan mostly when requested in instances where an NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) approved Tribometer is required, as the TracScan is one of only two Tribometers to carry that certification.