Problem: XL Garage housing a truck and boat needs commercial grade floor protection.

The homeowner of this newly built house in Okeechobee Florida is an avid fisherman. For that reason, he had the builder design and construct a drive through garage, for storage of his truck and fishing boat. The builder in turn contacted Florida Non-Slip services to install an epoxy garage floor for durability, easy of maintenance and that bonus showroom look epoxy garage floors give you.

Even though dealing with virgin concrete, a full diamond grind was performed before installing the base coat.

Epoxy base coat.
Installation of the base coat.
Full broadcast of vinyl flakes.
Full broadcast of vinyl flakes.

Next a full spread of vinyl flakes was broadcast, in this case a classy timeless combination of greys and black. The excess flakes were scraped and vacuumed off before installing a polyurea topcoat. 24 hours later the floor was ready to be walked upon, and 3 days later (after a full cure) the epoxy floor was ready for the truck and boat. Many happy years of enjoying this quality epoxy garage floor await the homeowner – hopefully successful fishing will go hand in hand with that!.

Paying attention to details.
The end product. Epoxy garage floor finish that will last.