Common Sectors

There are very few organizations, facilities, agencies and businesses that have no need to worry about the above, if any. Below is an overview of some of our most common clients.


Typical areas of treatment are the pool area, walkways, stairs and steps, lobby and lobby bathrooms, reception, breakfast and other common areas and of course guest room (bathroom) floors and tubs. Contact us for a free quote for treatment of any or all of the mentioned areas.


No matter what type of restaurant you own, food and drinks will spill, wet shoes will enter your building and kitchen and behind the counter floors get slippery. Protect yourself, your staff and patrons by making sure your floors are treated with a fitting non-slip treatment.

Medical Facilities

Medical staff, patients, visitors, family members. How many people walk on your floors on a daily basis? Are your rooms, receptions areas, public and patients’ bathrooms, walkways, sidewalks, ramps and all other floors safe when wet?

Office & Commercial

How many visitors do we get each day? Are all floors, ramps, walkways, sidewalks ETC safe when wet? Don’t assume, use our Coefficient of Friction testing services.

Country Club & Gyms

You treat your members like family. Are you 100% sure that all your surfaces are safe when dry and wet? The pool area, locker rooms, bathrooms, walkways, steps and stairs, lobby and gym floors?


We live in Florida, meaning we get our fair share of rain! Even if we meticulously maintain our bathrooms and floors, even if spills are cleaned right away, rain water will be brought in by customers, causing a potential hazardous situation for anyone in your building.

Airports & Docks

The excitement of traveling often is overshadowed by passengers or vessel owners being at risk because of the many potentially slippery surfaces they face. Airport bathrooms and floors, marina docks, yacht and boat decks – all areas that could be of concern.

Government & Public

Many municipalities and agencies have had their floors, steps, bathrooms, wheelchair ramps and other surfaces tested to make sure they meet recommended standards.

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