Florida Non-Slip Services and Consultants was founded to offer innovative health and safety solutions to the industrial sector, the hospitality industry, hospitals, builders and architects, public and government facilities, restaurants, boating related businesses and other commercial establishments.

Our company is built on adherence to our core values:
Safety, Quality, Ethics and Integrity.

Our policy is to provide our customers with effective, economical solutions to their health and safety issues and to advise and help them in whatever areas they may be experiencing difficulties.

The question we’re asked most often is “How can I make floors more slip resistant without causing any damage or visual changes to the treated surface?”

A typical client will find that their floors are often slippery and, subsequently, dangerous to walk on when wet. Their only option is to optimize maintenance, set out warning signs and to try to prevent the floor from becoming wet. Besides the questionable effectiveness, in most cases this does not solve the underlying problem in that the floor will still become slippery when wet.

Some companies may offer to acid-etch hard floor surfaces, however, this permanently damages the surface, making it difficult to clean, adversely affects the appearance and is only a temporary solution and, a hazardous one at that!

The certified technicians at Florida Non-Slip have the capability and expertise to treat any hard or resilient floor in order to make it slip resistant – dry or wet – by applying a unique industry leading treatment. Click here for an overview of surfaces we successfully treat.

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